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Snake Oil Productions, professional variety entertainment and other modern conveniences.

Lauren Muney, proprietress, designer, performer, producer, makeup artist, stitcher, props-fabricator, illustrator

Updated 12/09/2004.

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WhipFlash! on the Steve Harvey Big Time show

WhipFlash was featured on Steve Harvey's Big Time television show, debuting in Nov 2003, and airing more several times in 2004!
WHIPFLASH on Steve Harvey's Big Time Show!

WhipFlash's oversize postcard - ask for yours today

Pictured Above : You can't read it all when it's so small here - want one of the gorgeous 4-color oversize postcards? Just contact the office. 

WhipFlash! logo

Fire and Whip and Other Things
You Shouldn't Do at Home

This award-winning show consists of razor-sharp wit and a vast array of variety skills. It combines rapid-fire comedy with audience interaction - audience members are brought onstage to assist with the tricks, and heckling is even encouraged!

WhipFlash! in Philadelphia, PA, "1900"WhipFlash! brings forth to the audiences two characters: the man is egotistical and overbearing, and the woman is high-energy and loves the audience. Together, they begin showing the audience various tricks and skills, but it becomes evident that they are far more into upstaging one another. They bring the audience into the fray, each trying to top the other in tricks, providing spicy humor all the way, and [hopefully] pitting women against men in the audience for a comical 30-45 minutes, while topping each other in more dangerous but hilarious stunts. The Bullet Catch is a special addition, and is a serious presentation.

Left: WhipFlash! at Philadelphia's "Sunoco Welcome America" , a 1900's themed Independence celebration, July 3, 2000. WhipFlash! impressed the spectators with two stage shows and even their interactive western trick roping. Lauren handmade her outfit as a turn of the century dance-hall performer's outfit, while Jim stays as a high-booted cowboy.Jim turns around

WhipFlash! began as a collaboration of two performers' previous shows in 1993. Since that time, their reputations and fans have grown throughout the United States and Canada. Recognized even when walking into stores and restaurants, Lauren Muney and Jim Frank take their success in stride. WhipFlash! show grows every time it is presented onstage - a living show, it constantly changes every time it is presented -- with new lines, new tricks, new comedy just growing out of good-natured one-upmanship.

The vaudeville archetype of comedy and skills is not unusual, but in many production instances, it is unusual to see shows combining characters, improvisation, comedy with those skills. In Western events, for example, the traditional presentation is highly technical and flashy. In that venue, sparkles and tricks reign. However, WhipFlash! is a salute to old-fashioned confrontation - sort of "The Honeymooners" with whips and fire! Western events were dazzled. Renaissance events have embraced the "street entertainment" ingenuity. Corporate events have been bowled over - and no matter what is said or done, the audience always wins

WhipFlash!'s The Bullet Catch with Lauren Muney & Jim FrankLeft: The Bullet Catch in "classic" outfits

Corporate and/or festival events want a stage show with action and personality to liven their ambience. However, perhaps the event is not themed as below; for these events, tasteful and bright outfits appropriate to each event is selected. WhipFlash! has performed at awards dinners, company picnics, benefits, fundraisers, and city-wide festivals, western events, and Renaissance Festival continent-wide (United States and Canada).

Recently filmed for the CBS Early Show, the producer of the segment exclaimed: "This show is the most fun I've had at a [video] shoot in a long time!". WhipFlash's humor captivates almost any type of crowd. Although not recommended as a children's show, WhipFlash! is suitable especially for festival events which enjoy performer interactivity all day, as these performers enjoy being part of a festival's excitement.

Steve Harvey himself exclaimed, "I could do an hour with WhipFlash alone [no other guests]!"

Pictured left: Lauren with Steve Harvey, after the taping of WhipFlash's segment on the Steve Harvey Big Time show.

"They wowed our audiences, and word got around 
that they were a must-see duo!"
- Trails West! Festival

WhipFlash! is popular as a novelty act

"WhipFlash!" in the American Dime Museum, Baltimore, MD


"WhipFlash!" on the radio

Left, they talk to the radio audiences on a popular morning radio show.

Far left, Jim and Lauren pose in the American Dime Museum, Baltimore, MD, a museum dedicated to sideshow and novelty nostalgia. Look carefully and you will see an earpiece in Jim's ear - the photo was taken just before WhipFlash! performed for news television cameras. 

Watch as Lauren  and Jim  work for
AND against each other in the following stunts:

The photos below are from the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

Hitting Targets out of the Mouth BULLWHIP
. . .they challenge each other to taking targets from their own and each other's hands, mouths, and possibly other body parts; they are constantly creating newer and more perilous tricks which have never been seen before. Whips are moving at the speed of sound, and the crack you hear is from the sonic boom at the popper end.

Lauren and flame dress

. . . these performers are well-known for being two of the East Coast's most popular fire entertainers. each of the partners have her/his own specialties and the REAL fun comes when the rivalry picks up.
Firing Gun in Bullet Catch THE BULLET CATCH
. . . under special circumstances, Jim and Lauren are able to present the death-defying Bullet Catch presentation. Please click title for info.
Side view - Renaissance

. . .  The largest part to the WhipFlash! family of death-defying and entertaining feats. A genuine crowd-pleaser, every second. Click title for more information. The Wheel stands almost 8 ft tall!