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Snake Oil Productions, professional variety entertainment and other modern conveniences.

Lauren Muney, proprietress, designer, performer, producer, makeup artist, stitcher, props-fabricator, illustrator

Updated 12/09/2004.


A renewed interest in Western-themed events has followed breakout western music and dancing. These events may even have their own rodeo or Wild West Show within the entire event. Corporation have parties with Western themes, or city festivals may choose to incorporate a little Western liveliness into a non-themed event.

Entertainment | Whipcracking | Trick & Fancy Roping | Gun-Spinning

Lauren in short skirt, fishnet stockings, and a corsetWhile it is important to have Western entertainment at Western events, it is even more imperative to have performers who interact well with the guests. This interactive nature is very important when choosing a stage show or even interactive performances.

"They wowed our audiences, and word got around that they were a must-see duo. I would not hestitate to invite WhipFlash! to our event again. They are definate top-drawer performers in our book."
- Wally Bloss, Executive Director, Trails West Festival, St. Joseph, MO

WhipFlash! Comedy-Danger Stage Show

WhipFlash! (western style) at
Shown above: Jim Frank slices a spinning paper, (held by Lauren Muney), with a whip.
Photographed at Trails West Festival, St. Joseph, MO, August, 1997

WhipFlash! in Philadelphia, PA, "1900"WHIPFLASH! has been known for its interactive nature with the guests, intimate approach to the crowd, and enthusiasm. At many events, a western singer or performers has never been involved in the up-close events like Lauren Muney and Jim Frank do outside of Western festivals - these experiences put them far and away the best choices for audience favorites. WhipFlash combines the best of comedy, audience integration, audience participation, Western skills, and high-energy performance into a 30-45-min. show. Featured skills include bullwhip and fire-eating . . . please visit the WhipFlash web page.

Shown left: WhipFlash! performs at Philadelphia's "Sunoco Welcome America" Independence weekend celebration, July 3, 2000. the theme was Turn of The Century.



Jim performs gambling magic at a Civil War themed event.Western-themed events can be promised total integration of performers into the events of the day. Combining the stage shows AND roving interactions will prove the best value for an event budget while gaining the quality entertainment that visitors deserve. Inquire about adding western closeup magic to the performances, such as Jim Frank's Riverboat Gambler magic (photo at  left).

lwhip.gif (6140 bytes)Never underestimate the power of a whip. Traveling over the speed of sound, which is 750 miles per hour, the cracker (or popper) of the whip is breaking the sound barrier - And anything else which gets in its way. Featured in WhipFlash!


l_gun.gif (11864 bytes)A flashy look popularized in the Western movies, gun-spinning is safe in any environment wanting a western look. No shooting demonstrations. Gun safety is even explained to children and adults at every encounter.
Trick & Fancy
cowboy.gif (7083 bytes)Made famous by Will Rogers, this skill is a national art form in Mexico and is indicative of cowboys everywhere. Although many "real" cowboys don't need to rope their cattle, the trick and fancy practitioners use cotton, ply, or maguey rope to create beautiful 'pictures' just using loops. From flat loops to Wedding Rings to the Texas Skip, each trick has its own special name and skills.
Snake Oil Productions puts an interactive twist to any roping demonstration. Drawing on  years working directly within audiences, it has created a manner to instruct even the most average person how to be doing some trick roping in minutes. They carry many small ropes just meant for teaching! And, as an added bonus, they have invented portable "roping steer" which can get visitors involved in the art of "catch-roping".
A "corporate raider" learns to rope in just 10 minutes! Jim and a small fan Kids learning to rope

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