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Snake Oil Productions, professional variety entertainment and other modern conveniences.

Lauren Muney, proprietress, designer, performer, producer, makeup artist, stitcher, props-fabricator, illustrator

Updated 12/09/2004.


Introduction | More examples | Banner in progress

Image of banner postcard in a wonderful broadside format<------ Click for larger image.

Performers, craftspeople, vendors and collectors have gravitated towards hand-created signage instead of machine-printed advertising materials. Below and on the next example page, you you see some of the creations that Lauren Muney has done for many types of clientele. 

To see a banner in all stages of work, please visit the Banner-Painting page


Peter Gross's bannerIn the technological world of the 21st century, performances, performers, and craftspeople desire a way to set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd. A staple of of vaudeville, sideshow presentations, and period vendors, these custom-designed, handpainted banners harken back to the days of troubadours and the wonderment of unusual entertainments. These banners take those marquee artworks to a level of affordability and custom design for modern use.

LEFT and BELOW: Boston-based magician/variety entertainer Peter Gross's banner. Size: 3'x4', 'scroll' format with removable dowels, small finials on the ends of the dowels. The colors in the lettering (just in the name alone) feature up to four colors, not including the outlining/shadowing black.

Detail of Peter Gross's bannerBanners can be painted to hang on poles in roll-up scroll fashion, with grommets for nailing onto walls, on stretched canvas for framing, on wood as a plaque, on trunks for performance or display, on canvas board as a sign, or almost any other surface which takes paint.


Michael Rosman's bannerLauren's experience and training as an illustrator supports her interest in vaudeville banners. She has a degree in Illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and has been painting signs and banners for approximately 8 years. Her experience as a performer guides her knowledge of what is required for each production need. She consults with each client for the format, size, and requirements of each banner. She created several designs for initial approval; sometimes the client already has a logo or artwork to incorporate into the new work.

Detail of Micahel Rosman's bannerThe creation process begins with a vector-based drawing program in Lauren's computer. After initial design approval, Lauren will revise the design (by fax or email) until the final design is heartily accepted by the client.

LEFT and ABOVE: Banner and sign made for variety entertainer Michael Rosman. Size: 2-1/2' x 5',  'scroll' format, attached poles. He uses it at his Renaissance Festivals bookings, as his plastic "corporate" banner does not work in all settings. Painted in 2000.

Tight wire warning signSign shown here is approx. 6"x6", and is hung on a performance tight wire 3' over the audience's heads. (Tight wire height from ground is approx. 9').


Lauren with own car, July 2001The designs can take on almost any format, on many types of materials. The medium will mostly be enamel or acrylic paints, and the structure of the finished piece will formulate the design.

Any request for hand-creations can be considered, including:
-- variety performers
-- vendors
-- craftspeople
-- sutlers (period vendors)
-- magic, sideshow, and/or circus styling
-- small backdrops 

LEFT: A portrait of the artist as a woman with car.

Shown here is a tire cover from the artist's own car. This tire cover shows a Mona Lisa holding a small fire-torch, alluding to two of Lauren's performances, fire-eating and the Tableaux Al Fresco walking paintings. This small bit of advertising is very eye-catching - passersby have been heard to comment of its striking look and imaginative touch.


sign.gif (40356 bytes)After approval of the design by the client, the materials are prepared. Depending on the banner size, preparation can take from 30 minutes to 4 hours, and the design is transferred to the final material. Painting can take anywhere from 3 hours to 10 hours, depending on size and detail.

To see a banner being painted, see the Banner-Painting page, which shows step-by-step.

The artist's own performance sign used for several weeks. Dating from approximately 1997. Although the colors are quite muted in this picture, note the clear readability of each aspect. Size: 16" x 20".


WhipFlash trunkFinishing the project depends on the client's requirements. "Scrolled" banners (canvas banners on wooden poles or dowels) can have additions of finials at each wooden end. Decorative ropes can be added by Lauren or by the client. The canvas can be permanently attached to the poles or the poles can be removable. All custom painting will be sealed with an enamel or acrylic sealer which protects the surface for many years under careful attention.
Eagle view of WhipFlash trunkLeft and above: WhipFlash! variety duo act's performance trunk. It is designed to be read when open. (It is upside down when closed). Although the colors in these photographs are rather dull, the true colors are bright gold-orange letter tops and bright real letter bottoms. The trunk has extra black enamel paint, and is extra-sealed with enamel. This trunk was painted in 1996 and only needs to be cleaned with a damp cloth.
Risk-Taker signLeft: Hand-carried banner for interactive-theatre actor Jim Nieb, who creates a street act as a comic risk-taker named "Chance Darewithal". Size: 20"x24", permanently mounted on poles, finished with red fringe at bottom. Jim has two signs like this, one with a red/black color scheme, one with a green/blue color scheme. This is one of Lauren's earliest banner projects, painted in 1997.


Each project is custom priced according to the client's banner needs. The following criteria will be taken into account:

  • Materials cost

  • Size

  • Set-up and painting (labor is priced per hour of painting)

  • Finishing requirements

  • Shipping or delivery

A deposit may be required to start a project, but every order will receive a written cost estimate which includes all of the above criteria.

To order a sign, banner or other signage format, contact Lauren Muney