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Production Management

(c) 1997-2004
Snake Oil Productions, professional variety entertainment and other modern conveniences.

Lauren Muney, proprietress, designer, performer, producer, makeup artist, stitcher, props-fabricator, illustrator

Updated 05/23/2005.

for entertainment, public relations or special events
Skill sets | Marketing, production, and design

Lauren with Livingston Taylor, Baltimore, 2001

Production management ranges from overseeing talent, designing costumes and props, arranging details, planning logistics, and can include designing marketing materials. A good production staff member will be able to do the following tasks:

Lauren Muney's extensive production work originally sprang from her performance abilities. While in her performance career, Lauren's experience within the turbulent world of variety- stage has catapulted her knowledge of production management. Performances don't just run on talent and entertainment, it runs on organization, forward-thinking, and action in the face of anxiety. She can immediately assess the complex onstage needs of performers, and, concurrently, support the requirements of a backstage/contractor crew.

Above: Lauren with Livingston Taylor, folk singer, professor, lecturer, at Motionfest performing arts conference, Baltimore, MD, 2001.Lauren was on production staff for both the conference and the public show, which comprised of nationally-acclaimed variety-arts performers.

This production-organizational experience has impressed entertainment production companies. 

Lauren has:

- coordinated many in-house production duties,
- organized detail sheets for talent at complex bookings, 
- produced promotional materials,
- floor-managed events,
- stage-managed shows 
- and just generally has radar for any possible snafus. 

She has helped coordinate several performance conferences and has stage- managed variety shows to high praise. Lauren also has been the onsite manager for the International Wild West Arts Club convention, first in Las Vegas and now in Oklahoma, for the past 8 years.

Lauren production-managed a national comedy competition tour, "Laugh Across America", for the Las Vegas Comedy Festival, zigzagging across the United States, producing comedy auditions and showcases. The photos here are from Laugh Across America, 2002.

Event production is not exclusive to only special events. This can include conferences, athletic events, and other production-related functions.

Above map: the 11,000-mile road journey that Lauren managed and facilitated.

Left: video-documentarian Chuck Bejarano of Las Vegas videos a Laugh Across America contestant in San Francisco.


Lauren Muney has the following skills from her 15+ years of production work:

  • Knowledge and experience of the production types

  • Pre-production task management and implementation

  • Efficient task assessment

  • Exceptional troubleshooter

  • Extraordinary research capabilities

  • Has a "can-do" attitude while retaining focus and priorities

  • Willing to learn new skills

  • Can bring pre-production phase into full production

  • Planning two steps ahead while attending current duties

  • Keep all participants feeling contented and happy, while attending the event details

  • In post-production, able to assess task successes for future success.

Production duties have included:

  • tour management

  • facility liaison

  • press liaison

  • contractor(s) liaison

  • style/artistic director for photo shoots

  • storyboarding for video and photo shoots

  • custom-designed video-editing spreadsheets sheets

  • costume design, coordination, and fabrication

  • coordination with regulations (especially fire marshals, minor pyrotechnics, animal control)

  • organized detail sheets for talent at complex bookings 

  • produced promotional materials

  • floor-managed events

  • stage-managed shows

  • stage-managed shows with no rehearsals, sound cues, running stage crew, and they turned out perfectly

  • ran small sound boards while stage managing

  • design/office: websites, white papers, informational sheets, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, brochures, any form of design-implementation which can be used in events. (High level of computer skills in the writing and graphics areas)

Marketing, production, and design

Lauren's production skills include design, writing, and implementation. Below are two examples of materials created for the entertainment production company Tomfoolery, located outside Washington DC. Click on each one to see the full piece.

Contact Lauren directly for a detailed resume and to set up an in-person or telephone meeting.

Lauren on fire, fire stunt demonstration, 1993Lauren used to own her own fire-safety business, which included all facets of training, marketing, client contact, facilitating, and, as seen here, sometimes R&D.

If Lauren is able to withstand the pressures as you see in this photograph (this fire is 1500-degrees!) she can assist your business.