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Handwriting analysis for special events: for entertainment purposes only  (currently under preparation)


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"WhipFlash!": fire and whip
--The Bullet Catch
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WhipFlash in the media


Airbrushed creations
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Production Management

(c) 1997-2004
Snake Oil Productions, professional variety entertainment and other modern conveniences.

Lauren Muney, proprietress, designer, performer, producer, makeup artist, stitcher, props-fabricator, illustrator

Updated 9/19/2007 .



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Interactive performances are becoming more popular in today's special event world. Interactivity invites a guest to forget his own world and enter a new, fantastic world. Over 20 years of experience working directly with the public, without stages!

Interested in a special character, costume, or performance? Just ask - it just might be in the closet, without a photograph having arrved on this website. It's a vest closet and a vast website, and not always the twain shall meet...

Airbrush Facepainting

The newest trend in event entertainment and adornment, facepainting is taken to a whole new level of artistic heights. See the new Airbrush Faces web page for information.

Balloon Specialties

Balloon-twisting for all occasions. Figures, hats, even public lessons at festival events. Already had balloon-twisters at your event? The fun is in the costume and the attitude!

Body Art

Body Art. (Not indicative of what each painted person will look like, however).Face painting taken to a high art. Lauren has a degree in Illustration, so these are truly works of art on the face or body. No more scrawled images by bad clowns on children's pretty faces. Children are encouraged to use their imaginations for the creations.
Want to see an entire aquarium? A jungle scene? You've found the right artist. Only non-toxic paints are used.

Charlie Chaplin

A fantastic character likeness of the comic master. Lauren has researched Chaplin's moves for use in interactive situations. Requested by the 1997 Presidential Inaugural Committee for performance during the Arkansas State inaugural Ball in Washington, DC. "Chaplin" was 'bopping' everyone in the backside his "his" cane. Was that Colin Powell who got bopped? Sure was. Terrific for meet & greet. Very popular at corporate events and festival events . . .

2007 saw Lauren's Charlie Chaplin at 2 international clowning festivals: Liuzhou, China and Shanghai, China - to great acclaimn from the guests and the other performers!

See the entire Chaplin page for more information on this performance as well as the film project, "Chaplin Returns to Shanghai"

Fire Stylings

Lauren lights a cigarette with her own fireSpecialized Fire-eating done by the nation's best. Honest. Read about Lauren in Time-Life Books. Highly requested performances yet done very safely in certain events and situations. Any performance bid & contract will describe carefully any safety measures.

The Human Puppet

Human Puppet, "roccocco style"A stationary mime-like presence, similar to a Mannequin or Robot act.

Already used in:

  • trade show events,
  • corporate functions,
  • store windows, and
  • other festivities needing an element of silent wonder.

This performance is perfect for drawing attention to a place of importance - a point of purchase, a display, mall window - anywhere which can benefit from attention by passersby. The Puppet will interact directly with the crowd, even through glass. Audiences are amazed and will watch for upwards on 30 minutes! Can your event benefit form such "sticky" interactivity? Ask about custom costumes for your needs.

Interacting Characters That cute cowgirl look again.Pick a theme. Roving characters will improv with your guests to create the mood. Snake Oil Productions can provide a list of costumes/characters available for your event - complete with accents, necessary props, and quck wits.. Most costumes are handmade in Lauren's own workshop.
Snowflake Princess with icicle "crown" and ice-crystal wandShown here . . Lauren as the a comic cowgirl and a Snowflake Princess..
Juggling Stuff Great and Small Imagine what can get thrown around! "Juggling" is much more than just balls...
Magic & Legerdemain Sleight of hand with cards, balls, and cards. Now you see it, now it's... comical! Jim Frank has been invited to perform at corporate and private events across the region. See the magic web page for more pictures and information.
Mime and
Silent Performance

Lauren as a top-hatted mime. Even are Mime is interesting. Imagine that. An interesting mime.Let Lauren, a trained Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Clown College graduate, entice your guests with her silent comedy performances. Don't expect large-haired birthday-party clowning here - only respectful, interactive entertainment will be offered. Great for many event formats - many beautiful costumes are in the wardrobe.

or Card Shark
Jim Frank's special spin on magic; card & coin, magic in the flair of a classy gambler, card shark, or street con. He has been studying the 'art of the con' for many years, fascinated by what can be done to fool the eye - when the eye is still attached to your face. See Jim's own website, Period Productions,


Stilts Lauren on stilts10-ft tall and full of themed costumes. Favorites of children and adults alike for festivals and events.

Tableaux Al Fresco

Mona Lisa Tableaux Al Fresco A walking talking classic masterpiece painting interacts with guests, including having them assist painting the canvas! See description under Festivals.

Western Ropes & Whips

Award-winning Western skills who are members of the International Wild West Arts Club. They know how to safely perform and demonstrate the cowboy arts so that any guest at any function may be able to feel like they've just stepped out of  the Old West.  Roping is best for roving - however, to try "catch-roping", these ingenious entertainers have wooden steer available to bring to events. Please inquire for details.