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Snake Oil Productions, professional variety entertainment and other modern conveniences.

Lauren Muney, proprietress, designer, performer, producer, makeup artist, stitcher, props-fabricator, illustrator

Updated 12/09/2004.

"Tableaux Al Fresco" and other Festival Entertainment

Popular in today's leisure time are ARTS FESTIVALS, CHILDREN'S FESTIVALS, and CITY FESTIVALS. All of these types of events may require specialized entertainment and attention to detail.
Read below about custom-created performance "art" which can be utilized in all three event genres.
(Note: this page is not for Renaissance Festivals' performances - please see the Renaissance page for that information).
"Tableaux Al Fresco" | Current "Tableaux" | Stage Shows | Roving Performances

"Tableaux Al Fresco"
A performance "art" like no other

Mona Lisa with BoyA walking talking painting interacts with guests at any festival event.  The large format of arts or children's festivals increases exposure and can focus attention for as long a length of time as the guests wish. Since the Tableaux wanders about the grounds, the high visibilitry creates buzz in the streets. Suddenly, the lanes are moving. Children perk up because there is something to do, just for them. Adults are able to laugh. Why have "just a juggler" as a walkaround, when you can have the most visual of performance "art"!

Lauren Muney is a 20-yr professional entertainer AND a trained illustrator, schooled in art history! Combining these backgrounds was a natural; since few performers are artists, or  few artists are bold enough to become performers, there is no equal to this entertainment form. Having the fortitude to work within crowds, attend to each visitor, and sometimes have a snappy, comedic comeback while bringing forth great art is a brand-new perspective on festivals.Girl with Mona Lisa

  • All "Tableaux al Fresco" (meaning "paintings outdoors") are interactive in some manner, including one which has the guests painting the canvas! These are perfect for children's events, which need special attention to each child, or arts events, which require focus on visual and performance arts. The "Tableaux Al Fresco" is both. Shown at right: parent and child both paint "Mona Lisa".

  • All "tableaux" (see Current "Tableaux" below) are represented in good taste.
    (No nudity, even if the Masters first painted them that way!). Suitable for all audiences . . . every painting and "special effect" is created by Lauren in her own workshop. This not a rental costume - every part and parcel was developed for maximum impact by the artist-performer herself.

  • At each festival event, all "tableaux" available can be performed. That means that the guests are treated to a variety of paintings, special "effects", and interaction. No two are alike, so the variety of paintings seems endless for the visitors. Depending on the venue, Lauren will even take suggestions. (See "Suggest a Painting", below). The roving performances can be booked for up to 4 hours each day; this is far more personal impact than many stage shows!"American Gothic"

  • Highly received by organizers and visitors alike at events already performed. The "tableaux" are only in their second season of performances, and have already tripled its bookings, including repeat events. Lauren even has been tapped to produce a Mona Lisa for the Maryland Renaissance Festival 1999.

  • This "art form" is based upon concepts of tableaux which date from the Middle Ages. While the Renaissance cultures practiced tableaux performances, Victorians especially enjoyed statue-like tableaux because the art form allowed women to be shown in tight outfits, bypassing the strict clothing regulations. There is even a month-long Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach, CA, which recreate famous works of art using hundreds of "performers" and thousands of labor-hours creating sets and makeup to mimic Old Masters paintings.


Current "Tableaux":

Mona Lisa
("La Giaconda")
Leonardo DaVinci
Original Mona mlisa.gif (19722 bytes)Faced with a luscious palette of colors, a child or adult is invited to paint on the canvas and become a piece of art history. While working with the pigments, the "artwork" often imparts details about the original master or the masterpiece itself.

Lauren has two versions of this artwork: one for guest-painting (see photos at top of this page) and one for just viewing.

American Gothic
Grant Wood
Original American Gothic agothic.gif (26522 bytes)This "tableaux" was originally created for an arts event While this painting is not for interactive painting, part of the "tableaux" is 3-dimensional and quite startling. A hint of American Gothic can be seen in the photos above. Want to know which parts? Have it at your event.
Birth of Venus

Sandro Botticelli
Original Venus bvenus.gif (23761 bytes)Venus does NOT to have her "naughty bits" showing but the comedy of her presence is still evident. Once again, this "tableaux" has 3-dimensional elements and the opportunity of surprise. . . by far the most ambitious presentation.
"Green Stripe"

Henri Matisse
Green Stripe by Henri Matisse "Green Stripe" (not pictured here in performance) uses theatrical makeup to simulate the colors in this unusual painting. While Henri Matisse, the original painter, painted the odd facial colorings "just because the colors are not found that way in life", Lauren re-creates these colorations exactly. This Tableaux is not a full-body painting, but just a hand-held miniature version!
Elizabeth I
Queen Elizabeth I Lauren Muney's Tableaux Al Fresco of Queen Elizabeth IElizabeth I is the first Tableaux which goes beyond the facial boundaries, utilizing wig, pearl tiara, veil, and even lush handcrafted lace ruff to recreate this painting.
The Electric Woman

First Night Annapolis, MD, 2000
custom tableaux

A custom-created Tableaux Al Fresco was unveiled for First Night Annapolis, one of the state of Maryland's premier New Year's Eve events, a nighttime outdoor event. Photographs will be displayed as soon as a copy is found.

Suggest a

Have a suggestion for a new Tableaux? Email your suggestions! They must have 3-D elements and become interactive in some manner. Lauren will offer a prize for the best suggestions which can be incorporated into future presentations. She will even take suggestions for certain specialty events, such as Dickens Festivals (1880's) or Shakespeare Celebrations (1600's).

Comments from Tableaux-fans:
photo below:
a complete stranger Tableaux Fan!

"Tableaux Al Fresco caught my attention [from the flyer] right from the start. The uniqueness, and creativity are immediately noticeable. Now add to the package fun, culture, education, and the great, uplifting personality of Lauren Muney . . . and you have a BIG WINNER! That's the result of having Tableaux Al Fresco at Mayfair 99: A great success from A to Z, from kids to adult-kids!"
- Franco Sattamini, Artistic Director, Mayfair Festival, Allentown, PA

"Tableaux Al Fresco was again an unmistakable hit with our visitors, and we love seeing the new paintings."
Catherine Chapman, former Promotions Director, 
Imagination Bethesda Children's Festival, Bethesda MD
(photo at right is from this popular event)

"Our Director of Public Relations loved you - you were his favorite performer. It was obvious from the audience reaction that they enjoyed you too. I will highly recommend you to anyone who asks. You helped make Artscape a wonderful success!"
- Mary Ann Jung, Family Performances Director, Artscape, Baltimore, MD

"That's the most creative thing I have ever seen!"
- A parent at an event

"This is the most fun I've had today!"
- Tableaux  child "painter" at Allentown's Mayfair Festival

"I saw your picture in the paper! That was the most brilliant thing I had ever seen!"
- Kinetic Artistry, Takoma Park, MD, (props and theatrical supplies), when Lauren was explaining why she needed some specialized supplies.

"People stare at those paintings for the longest time. It's the strangest thing."
- Jim Frank


More Traditional Festival Offerings:

Stage Shows A list and description of Stage Shows available for festivals. Depending on the festival format, theme, or target audience, Snake Oil Productions can help you choose an appropriate show.


Lauren on stiltsIf an event wants to look for more traditional walkaround entertainment, here is the list of offered Roving Performances. Each facet has been performed for years, and Snake Oil Productions' large costume wardrobe can satisfy even the most unusual requests. Festival events frequently want exceptional interactive performances of many types for complete guest enjoyment. Here is a rather complete list of available options.