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Tableaux Al Fresco:
Walking Paintings
Airbrush Facepainting
Facepainting, illustrative style
Western skills and shows
Renaissance : the new vaudeville
Corporate offerings
Interactive / Roving performances
Variety Stage
Fire-eating artistry  

Related Entertainment

Magic & sleight of hand
Flea Circus


"WhipFlash!": fire and whip
--The Bullet Catch
--The Wheel of Death
WhipFlash in the media


Airbrushed creations
Design and innovation
Signs and Banners
Custom Props 

Historical Style Wood Pocketwatches



Production Management

(c) 1997-2004
Snake Oil Productions, professional variety entertainment and other modern conveniences.

Lauren Muney, proprietress, designer, performer, producer, makeup artist, stitcher, props-fabricator, illustrator

Updated 1/13/2008 .



Lauren Muney has applied her degree in design and 25+ years in special event performance and production to good use. She currently uses every facet of her experience and creativity to bring attention to whatever the client needs to fulfill.

The process is like this: Lauren throughly reviews the desires of the client, and asks for the clients impressions and what he/she want to put forward to the viewer. This is done in a coaching format - as Lauren is a trained facilitator. Then Lauren begins the production process, coordinating with the client as the project grows and revises.

Print | Costume | Prop | Marketing | Web | Old Masters | Signs/Banners | Airbrush

Print Design

Click Images to see PDFs or JPGs of the original documents. This is only a few examples few of Lauren's designs. (she's busier creating than putting the designs on the website!)

Please contact Lauren to see more design portfolio, including:

  • business cards
  • DVD covers and disks
  • brochures
  • posters
  • banners
  • flyers/inserts,
  • etc...

Multipage booklet marketing a corporate-event circus, Cirque Voila

Poster advertising the corporate-event circus, Cirque/Cyrk Voila


An example of Lauren Muney's artwork: Brian Rudo's DVD cover

DVD cover art for professional "adventure entertainer" Brian Rudo


Another example of Lauren Muney's artwork: Brian Rudo's DVD insert

Insert for DVD for the same "adventure entertainer" Brian Rudo


Lauren Muney's design for juggler Christian Harel's DVD

DVD cover art for international artistic juggler Christian Harel. The text is in English and French, and although they two texts are similar, Lauren wrote the English text based loosely on the supplied French text.

Marketing and promotion
Click the images to see a PDF version of the postcard in an expanded size.

Lauren experience in the productions industry makes her a perfect for for any marketing endeavor.

Lauren Muney's own postcard for her airbrush facepainting.


Lauren Muney designed a convention banner for Brian Rudo

Lauren created several banners for "adventure entertainer" Brian Rudo to hang in his convention booth. Here is one example - which garnered him very good attention. In addition, they produced coordinating materials:

  • business cards
  • custom matchbooks
  • the DVD cover and insert
  • posters
  • postcards, and
  • flyers.

Costume Design

Lauren is able to fulfill client needs and assist in fullest visioning. Often her ideas have spurred events' directions.

Shown here: this futuristic "dress" is a food table for a special event

Prop Design

These "Borg" characters (modeled after Star Trek Next Generation) were requested by a special event producer for a futuristic-themed event. They took weeks to gather the materials, research the exact 'look', and fabricate the costumes and props.



Web Design

Sites have included:

Mary Ann Jung's History Alive
Brian Rudo
Paul Belanger's Cornerstone Productions International
Physical Mind
SnakeOil Productions

Old Masters Paintings
Lauren's artistic sensibilities have been put to use in many instances, and only one example has been her "Tableaux Al Fresco" walking paintings.

However, Old Masters works can be painted on walls, props, furniture, anything a client can envision.

agothic.gif (26522 bytes)
Signs and Banners
Signs and banners hand-painted and custime designed.


Airbrush facepainting and body-painting especially for special events. Hand-painting can also simulate airbrush in certain circumstances.

Airbrush Creations
Who would have envisioned a "live" MRI scan? One client did, and Lauren was able to fulfill this request. This bodysuit was worn by an acrobat onstage at an international medical conference.

Airbrush can be used for many design elements for specialty requests.