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Charlie Chaplin interactive
Tableaux Al Fresco:
Walking Paintings
Airbrush Facepainting
Facepainting, illustrative style
Western skills and shows
Renaissance : the new vaudeville
Corporate event offerings
Interactive / Roving performances
Variety Stage
Fire-eating artistry  
Handwriting analysis for special events: for entertainment purposes only  (currently under preparation)


Magic & sleight of hand
Flea Circus


"WhipFlash!": fire and whip
--The Bullet Catch
--The Wheel of Death
WhipFlash in the media


Airbrushed creations
Design and innovation
Signs and Banners
Custom Props 

Historical Style Wood Pocketwatches



Production Management

(c) 1997-2004
Snake Oil Productions, professional variety entertainment and other modern conveniences.

Lauren Muney, proprietress, designer, performer, producer, makeup artist, stitcher, props-fabricator, illustrator

Updated 1/11/2008 .

and Trade Shows

Corporate events are widespread and varied.  Whether a company is working with an independent producer, entertainment agency, or searching on its own for attentive, talented performers, consider the following options:

Themes | Trade Shows | Technical Details

Stage Shows A list and description of Stage Shows available for Corporate and other functions, which can be for almost any occasion.
Corporate events frequently want exceptional interactive performances of many types for complete guest enjoyment. Here is a list of commonly available options; if you don't see what you want, please ask for a custom bid or referral. Also please use the Navigation on the left side of this webpage to seek your own interest.
Lauren's motivational speaking utilizing fire-eating has won enthusiastic praise from audiences and other professionals alike! see the website:
YOUR NEED FOR ATTENTION Your event is calling for attention to one or more things: a sense of celebration, demonstrating a new product, corporate morale, gathering attention to a tradeshow booth, etc. How can you fulfill these 'attention' needs? Click here.
Snake Oil Productions makes all of their own costumes and props, which means it can accommodate almost every theme. Mardi Gras, Black Tie, Renaissance, Futuristic, Western, Roaring 20's, Caribbean, Tropical, Safari, Edwardian, Civil War, Victorian, Spooky, Seasonal, Artsy, Wine Festival, Classic, Americana, etc. Don't see the theme you need? Perhaps this can be created for your event!

The name of your game is ATTENTION. How can you get your point across to clients, potential clients, and your own personnel? What is the most effective visual or interactive manner to demonstrate an important principle?

Don't let the mime fool you! She's a trained variety entertainer- Booth attention at trade shows
- Breakout sessions at conferences
- Product unveiling(s) and product rollouts
- Gala dinners and celebrations
- Company picnics
- Employee appreciation and awards events
- Live [window] mannequin for retail locations or industry events

Want interactivity? Lauren Muney has:

  • taught realtors how to cowboy trick-rope,
  • been a businesswoman on stilts
  • been an alien to unveil a new logo
  • been a robot to show the future
  • performed fire-eating shows at a tow-truck convention
  • performed as Wonder Woman for a "Superheroes"-themed corporate celebration event
  • airbrushed models and guests at coneferences
  • simulated a corporate salesperson for a "Guess the Imposter" contest
  • created 20-minute cowgirl shows for convention 'rodeos'
  • was Charlie Chaplin to greet guests at a gala ball

...and this is only a small list of what Lauren has performed in her 25 years as a professional corporate entertainment specialist.

Live "mannequins" or display: Entrepeneur Magazine featured an article about live "mannequins" in storefronts or as display. A live mannequin (a living person who is able to move like a doll, marionnette, or stand still) is an excellent choice when a business wants to garner attention but yet still feature its products. Perfect for trade shows, store windows, in-store displays, or other locations where pedestrians are paramount. Don't know if this is a good choice for your event or situation? Just ask! Lauren will be happy to help plan your best need.

Simply contact Lauren with your theme and ideas and ask her what she can offer you!

Lauren airbrushes a model wearing a body stocking at a corporate employee appreciation event held at America Online Headquarters in Sterling, VA.

Lauren Muney airbrushes a model at AOL Headquaters at a specilaty event
Technical Details
Sound System: Cordless microphones with transmitters and receivers available. We have a small speaker system, or we can plug into your amplifiers and full system - using your full event system will be better for your audience.
Music in Shows: Most of the shows are speaking-only. Custom-created performances may use music - the music will be burned to CD to be used with your technical staff.

The contract will spell out all the pertinent information to provide your event with all your needs. These simple details are to provide the best fulfillment for your needs. These details will include the following:

  • what date(s)
  • contact person with contact phone
  • location of event
  • load-in and parking
  • arrival and set-up times
  • theme and costuming
  • a little about the event
  • review of the technical details like sound, space requirements, safety perimeters, electricity needs, lighting, etc
  • travel details (when applicable) - including transportation, hotel, etc
  • fees - including deposit
Space Requirements: Personalized bids for your event may include safety and/or space parameters for specific shows. Each performance is different, so the space requirements will vary depending on your request.



Destination bookings are outside the home base area, and will require travel arrangements; these may include airfare (or mileage, if by car), ground transportation,  per diem, and/or accommodations, and will be arranged event-by-event basis. Travel fees may vary by season, depending on the oil prices. Depending on your event, you will be walked through this process OR given a general fee which will allow Lauren to make these arrangements for you.