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"WhipFlash!": fire and whip
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Airbrushed creations
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Production Management

(c) 1997-2007
Snake Oil Productions, professional variety entertainment and other modern conveniences.

Lauren Muney, proprietress, designer, performer, producer, makeup artist, stitcher, props-fabricator, illustrator

Updated 4/2009

Lauren Muney

was raised outside of Washington, DC and holds a BFA in Illustration/Design from the Maryland Institute College of Art. She has performed across the United States, in Canada and Europe and has created an adventurous round of skills, experiences, and knowledge which can assist almost any client in a variety of capacities.

Lauren's performance development, production management, and design bring an exceptional edge to events. Guests and clients are dazzled by being attended so deeply. Event managers know that their event's goals are paramount. Lauren brings together the event goals plus creative flair to make each event memorable for all: managers, clients, and guests.

Comment from another artist on an international event:
"...Not only [is Lauren] a rock solid professional ...[She's] a great example of someone with a positive outlook, that looks to impact folks on a daily basis. That was great to watch and to see what care [she] took in making that happen..."

  • Performance: performing staged and interactive entertainments
  • Creative: print design, web design, branding, hand-painted signs/banners, costume design, prop design, small-scale video editing
  • Production: production management, stage managing, technical assistance, logistics, troubleshooting, facilitation, production planning, DVD planning


Highlights of her entertainment background include attending Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, touring in unusual performance and stunt companies, and performing at Renaissance Festivals throughout North America in solo, duo, and company shows. She was certified with the Society of American Fight Directors and has also been praised for her work as a fight captain. Lauren even owned the now-defunct fire-safety company "Bonomo's Grace", a consulting company for environmentally-safe fire retardants for the film and stage industries, with business partner, fire-stuntman Mick Kipp.

She performed in her own fire-eating stage show at the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas, NV, and has been a popular corporate-event entertainer in that city and in various regions in the United States. Lauren toured for several years through colleges and universities with her one-woman dangerous-feat act, and was one of the few variety entertainers invited to perform at the 1997 Presidential Inaugural Balls.

She has performed at numerous regional fairs, festivities, and events, with her skills which include fire-eating, bullwhips, stilts, circus skills, escapes, Western arena arts, face illustration, and character work. She occasionally performs  with Jim Frank in numerous shows, including the award-winning "WhipFlash!" stage show. One of the highlights of WhipFlash's career was being featured on the Steve Harvey Big Time television show, where millions of viewers were able to see comedy and expert whip-targeting.

Her most recent skill is studying and learning the centuries-old art of silhouette-cutting. This skill took many hours of studying the history and practicing, plus her incredible attention to details of people. Lauren is especially pleased with this skill, and hopes that events are similarly entranced by its uniqueness to invite this incredible interactivity to their events.

International Clown Festivals

Clowning is a 2000-year-old tradition which goes farther than the American idea of birthday parties or circuses. Clowning encompasses physical and emotional dexterity, poignancy, and skill at reaching an audience. In 2007, Lauren performed at the first clown festivals in China: first a week-long international clown event in Liuzhou, southern China, and then in October, four weeks in Shanghai. What was extraordinary about China's journey into clowning was that China does not have a tradition of clowning, interactive theatre, or "theatre of the absurd": the Chinese people were truly groundbreaking to observe and join into this new form of theatre - to great response and enthusiasm. That's Lauren performing as Chaplin's comic genius.

Costumes and Props

Lauren's skill set, thanks in part to her deep love of themed events and also to her artistic talents, provide her (and her clients) with creative costumes and hand props for her performances. Lauren's personal costume closet has enough variety and detail to satisfy any client. She has designed costumes for Living Statues, historical characters, historical-looking characters, themed events, stilt pants, creative carry-bags, microphone pouches, airbrushed costumes, enlivened thrift-store finds to be excellent performance clothing, and more.

Lauren with the Flaming Umbrella of DoomCreative, Design, Video Editing, and Production Management

Lauren previously managed and produced shows for an entertainment production company; her duties range from overseeing talent, designing and fabricating costumes and props, arranging details, planning production logistics, and designing print and web marketing materials. Lauren also has been painting professional banners for 5 years, and has recently been working with airbrush for makeup and other creations.

Lauren's artistic and planning skills have provided design, marketing, video editing, facilitation, and professional promotional assistance to other excellent performers and producers. She is highly prized for her ability to delve deeply into the project (or client) to present and produce the best promotion or production for the client. her various works have brought attention to her clients so they garner more attention and accolades for their own work.

Behavior Improvement, Coaching, and Facilitation

In the past 6 years, Lauren has used her non-performance hours for a new role: behavior-modification and improvement coaching, whereby she frequently consults for clients looking to improve their lifestyle, workstyle, communications, stress- and time-management. She is a certified health coach and Wellcoach, using scientifically-proven methods of facilitation and coaching to assist people into doing their best processes. Her company is called Physical Mind; Lauren writes articles, consults to individuals and companies, and her self-published book is due in the marketplace soon. She has also lectured to companies and groups on communication, working with guests, gaining confidence in speaking to strangers, working with employees, and self-efficacy. She has coached many people through project planning and execution.

It is this sense of complete understanding, forward-thinking, facilitation, and communication which also makes Lauren a valuable producer, art director, and even performer. The integration of aesthetics, logistics, and coordination create a powerful synergy between the production, the clientele, and Lauren herself.


"Shanghai Daily": Lauren Muney is featured in a newspaper article about Charlie Chaplin and also about her project film, "Chaplin Returns to Shanghai". Click on the above image for the PDF of the article.

Lauren Muney and Jim Frank are featured in Episode 105 of Steve Harvey's Big Time Show on the WB Network. Taped in 10/03, there were 4 airdates for the rest of the season and into the next season.

Lauren's "Tableaux Al Fresco" picture is featured in Annapolis, MD's "The Capitol" newspaper, 12/12/00

Jim Frank and Lauren Muney appeared on Baltimore's high-rated morning news-feature program, "Rise and Shine" with Don Scott and Marty Bass, 11/15/00. They performed in support of the American Dime Museum, the only sideshow and novelty museum in the United States. They are recognized in public places through the Baltimore area now just from this segment alone.

Jim Frank and Lauren Muney were on "The CBS Early Show"10/10/00. CBS wanted unusual standout personalities from Renaissance Festivals, and they featured Jim. They came to the Maryland Renaissance Festival in September to film the WhipFlash! show live, and also came to their house for some more personal touches.

"Talk Soup" on the cable network E! Entertainment took the CBS story and ran Jim Frank's (and Lauren Muney's) segment, with the comment from anchor Beth Littleford, "Gee, we never knew that Renaissance England had such nerds": 10/16/00. This IS the big time to be parodied on Talk Soup.

The Washington Post [Washington, DC and online] featured Lauren Muney and Jim Frank in an article about the Renaissance Festivals, 9/14/00.


"Good Day Dallas [TX]" interviewed Lauren Muuney live in studio, for a full segment PLUS fire-eating:  5/99.

Dallas Morning News runs a front-page photo with small article about "WhipFlash!" performing in Waxahachie, TX. 5/98

St. Joseph [MO] News-Press runs a huge photo of Jim Frank blowing fire in WhipFlash! performance at "Trails West!" festival, 8/98

Photos of Lauren eating fire are featured in an article in Discovery Channel Magazine on spontaneous human combustion. Fire stunts and effects are rigged by Lauren Muney, Jim Frank, and Mick Kipp of Bonomo's Grace, Lmtd. 1/95

Time-Life Books, "Library of Curious and Unusual Facts" (vol. "Odd Jobs") featured Lauren  Muney's fire-eating profession in its section on Risky Professions. 1/93 release date.

The Washington Post did articles on both Jim Frank and Lauren Muney, in 9/93 and 8/92 respectively.