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WhipFlash in the media


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Production Management

(c) 1997-2007
Snake Oil Productions, professional variety entertainment and other modern conveniences.

Lauren Muney, proprietress, designer, performer, producer, makeup artist, stitcher, props-fabricator, illustrator

Updated 3/14/2008 .

Bringing mindfulness and creativity to events.
Entertainment, production, and contract design services

A W A K E N   Y O U R   I N N O V A T I O N
Create interactivity in your events and your life

Lauren Muney as Charlie Chalpin - in Shanghai China in the short film "Chaplin Returns to Shanghai"

Here is an innovative Chaplin... with women's underwear! Lauren Muney as the Tramp - in China, 2007. 1 min: 30 sec

(A preview of the 20-minute short improvisational video "Chaplin Returns to Shanghai")

[Click image at left]

Lauren Muney has been involved in performance, event production, and creative for almost 30 years. She brings ingenuity and style to any event or artistic project. Only a dedicated professional can understand what is needed in other disciplines of the same industry. Relying on a desire for integrity and 'connection' with both clients and guests alike, she brings a new format to the entertainment industry: "mindfulness".

Mindfulness is the art of being aware: facing every project and every day with intensity and caring. Mindfulness means seeing each detail as well as the whole. Mindfulness brings a new paradigm to entertainment industry: clients are rewarded with Lauren's professionalism, caring, and creativity. Read more...

NEWS: updated May 2011:

"Well-behaved women rarely make history"
~ Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Read Lauren's new Silhouette Info-blog

....and visit the always evolving page on Silhouette-portraiture for events, facilities, and gatherings. Lauren's silhouettes, started from her own interest in the black-and white profile portraiture, has gained great interest from fairs, festivals, historical facilities, corporate events, private events, and even retail locations. Timeless and always flattering, silhouette portraits are the perfect blend of entertainment, history, and souvenir.

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Design, marketing and video for others in the entertainment and special-event industries:
Lauren continues to enthuse the performance community with her design and innovation - here is a sampling of some recent projects:

- David Andrew Smith, a singer-songwriter, contracted Lauren to do banner, flyers, art-direction, website art-direction, posters, and design his new CD cover and CD disks. Below is a screen-capture of Lauren's actual computer, as it shows David's 11"x17" posters being designed in Photoshop.

Lauren Muney's design of international juggler Christian Harel's DVD

- Actress Mary Ann Jung's History Alive website, videos, DVD, and brochure. Just yet another example of how it takes someone inside the performance community (Lauren) to understand the needs of others.

- Brian Rudo hired Lauren to rebrand all his promotional materials, banner, posters, DVD, and even redesign the look of his show. Hesuccessfuly parleyed his new marketing and branding materials into new successful seasons and events.

- Christian Harel (shown at right - click for larger image), international artistic juggler, currently performing in Europe, arranged for Lauren to design the cover for his sample-DVD and one of his websites. Chris relied on Lauren to advise for new marketing and branding, and subsequently he was booked on his current international engagement.

---Remember when...?WhipFlash! on the Steve Harvey Big Time show

was featured on Steve Harvey's Big Time television show, debuting in Nov 2003, and airing more several times in 2004. The duo performed whip tricks using Steve Harvey himself, and taped over 25 minutes in front of a live audience. Lauren is still recognized in person - even in 2008 - for these television appearances!